Disclaimer: Please understand that due to the public accessibility to this mission prayer page, it does not include prayer points about people’s personal needs (e.g. physical, emotional, spiritual). We have thorough mechanisms for pastoral prayer and have no desire to divulge people’s personal information via this forum. If you have prayer needs for yourself or others, OR would like to learn how you can pray for needs shared, please use the Contact page on this website to make your enquiry or request. THANK YOU for your understanding.

THIS weekly prayer ONLY lists prayer points which specifically pertain to a need related to the outworking of The H.O.P.E .Project. Persons who’s name appears here are in some way relevant to the project needing prayer. Thank you!

Week Commencing Monday 29th November, 2021

The week’s prayer points are spread across days of the week so that there are opportunities to pray for specific needs each day … some needs will coincide with the days on which they are listed. Please pray as the Spirit leads and reveals things to you.


We thank you Lord Jesus that we can be BACK in the room AND we can continue engaging with people via live streaming and other online platforms. We are so grateful for the team You have given us, people dedicated to continuing to represent, demonstrate and declare the kingdom of heaven ON earth in accord with whatever the conditions are on any given day. We thank you that we are able to be engaged by so many in this way of communicating with the community and praise you for the answered prayer about resources, gifts and knowledge to be able to gather your harvest in accord with the plan you have revealed to us these past few years. We ask that You bless the new people who have been journeying with us lately and our prudent use of the new ways to connect (Zoom, Live streaming, email and video devotions).

We continue to pray Lord, for those in our households, our work and learning places, our recreational activities and community involvements who don’t know Your favour and need Your rescue. Particularly at this somewhat confusing time of transition. With compassion we name them and bring them before You now (in our own minds, hearts and spirits) and ask You to give us what we need to share Your purpose for them and for them to see You and follow You and experience all the resource and support and care of heaven for them and all those they are connected with. Give us a sense of responsibility for their discipleship, however You decide to facilitate that.


Lord, we pray for all the needs that we became aware of in response to our Sunday gathering and via the prayer-care engagement during the week. Lord, please bring healing, comfort and strength to all those we know across our community who are struggling with health, finance, family or relationships and or other emotional or spiritual issues.

Lord we pray for the outworking of recent November meetings exploring the theme of ‘Outrageous Forgiveness’. We ask that you lead us as we work through questions and lessons learned, and give our church family confidence (as some already have) to keep inviting family, friends and connections to engage with us beyond the themed journey in some way, that might expose them to more of Jesus’ love and transforming forgiveness.

We pray today Lord for all those lovely people connected to the community groups we have the privilege of hosting at or out from the Hub; the Illawarra Quilters, the Towradgi Craft Group, the Wollongong Sewing Guild, Wolf Whistle Band, Ali’s Drama Workshop Team and the Korimul Gangshow. We ask that You keep them safe, well and healthy and that You bring them grace and peace as they return to using our facilities regularly.

We pray for our Bible Study and Kingdom Conversation groups as they are reconnecting in face to face modes.

We pray particularly today Lord, for the men that venture out to the Fisher’s residence tonight, for a get together over a BBQ meal and some prayerful reflection on what a coordinated effort to disciple men from early next year might look like. We pray for Andrew as he facilitates the early journey.


Lord, today we ask that as the administration team reflects on the management of our current and emerging situation, that you will inspire us with ways we can continue to be the calm in this storm; to help the vulnerable where possible. We are so thankful Lord for all who partner with us to pursue this mission and pray for Your continued increase and blessing on ‘giving’ (against all human odds) and for wisdom to allocate those funds in appropriate and life transforming ways.

Lord, we pray that in the midst of the tyranny of the urgent, continuing to safely keep the Hub open and intense preparations for Christmas, that we will keep strategically focused and orientated towards equipping disciples for these first 3 years of the 7 years of Gospel Impact. At the end of the day we need to be armed with Jesus’ strategies for building HIS church and so Holy Spirit lead the team so that strong directional and facilitating announcements can be made in the days to come.

Heavenly Father, we bring our school communities who are negotiating attempts at conducting scripture classes before the year wraps up. We pray for the Northern Illawarra Scripture Board whom we serve and for the teachers we employ in the three northern high schools. We need Your patience, wisdom and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment and discernment to ensure that the teachers and schools are cared for and that nothing gets in the way of our developing pastoral relationships with the school communities and the momentum of indiscriminate and rescuing love that is being experienced by students and their families. Bless the teachers, Dal, Clara and Leanne and their families during this time of strategic preparation for 2022. We pray your caring hand upon Josh Carmichael and the Generate Ministries (Scripture and Chaplaincy) teams and for Nathan Zorn who works closely with us as a go between our Board and Generate. Bless these guys and their families. Thanks also Lord, for your supernatural provision that has been given to see us through this season.


Heavenly Father, we pray for our team who faithfully serves our Food for Life Community Care partners, providing an effective, accessible and affordable grocery service for our neighbourhood. Lord bless Murray and Julie and their family as they adjust, both personally and corporately, to the rapid changes that the return to more ‘normal’ operations has created for them and their team. We pray for positive interactions and even kingdom conversations with our customers, and that we are all able to stay safe in the surrounds of the car park at the back of Guest Park/Fairy Meadow Demo School in the interim whilst COVID Testing is conducted in the Car Park at the North Dalton AFL Ground where we normally operate.

We also ask that you help us to use what we have learnt as a launching pad for the next phase of mission and not default to things that have prevented the advance of Your kingdom gospel. Lord, develop a clarity in us towards your purposes and in particular as the team uses all the tech at our disposal to develop ways of engaging and equipping, those previously inaccessible to us.


We pray today Lord for all people dealing with anxiety or depression or grief. We praise you for the comfort and encouragement that online message broadcasts have and will bring people – thank you for the part we can play in this – and we ask that during this time, our families, friends and neighbourhood/community connections will re-think their relationship with the God of heaven and earth and re-establish a desire to dwell in the revelation Christ brought.

We also pray that you will help us engage the FOUR Pillars (Prayer, Care, Prepare & Share), allowing your supernatural presence to empower us to seek these things at the same time. We pray at this time for the emphasis we are attaching to the Pillar of Prepare. Help us establish the HUB as a ‘community platform for equipping’ and lead us as we now have some clarity about ways we can launch H.O.P.E. College in the weeks to come as a spring board into 2022.

We pray Lord for fresh energy for the team as we prepare for Christmas events. Help us work well and effectively so the gifts we want to represent to our community, will look like You.


Lord, we also pray each Saturday for a continued sharpening of the revelation regarding this ‘Season for Gathering the Harvest’. This is our journey IN Christ whatever is going on around us in the world. Please continue to apostolically and prophetically align us with the kingdom of heaven as it works ON earth and strengthen our ministry team to pursue with passion, the work in targeted spheres as you make us aware of them and the needs thereof.

We pray for a great and empowering result to this year’s annual CCC HOPE4KIDS fund raiser which is wrapping up THIS WEEK. We thank you for how wide ranging the community engagement has been throughout and for the miraculous release of funds we have seen. Lord, make this about more than raising money. We pray that hearts will be softened and eyes opened to see more of the great love of Jesus through this effort AND through the coming Carols in the Street event.

We have been and continue praying for Jono & Nicky as they prepare for the long haul now, hearing well from God about the development of ‘The Sanctuary’ faith community and mission outpost in the Southern Illawarra region. We pray that each Sunday’s 3pm Live Meeting via Facebook and Zoom Chat will keep sparking interest and ignite a hunger in people who need a touch from heaven. If you would like to be more informed for prayer support for this venture, check into The Sanctuary Facebook page here. We pray Your protection Lord, over Jono’s and Nicky’s families who are right in the cross hairs as they advance.

We continue to pray for growing engagement with Graeme’s NEW Album ‘Better Now’ as a tool for kingdom advancement and mission development and for the funds that will continue to be consistently raised for our special children in need. And we thank you Lord for 4 songs on the album getting through the initial listening round of the International Song Competition for Independent Singer/Song Writers. What a bonus from you Lord! You can be more informed for prayer by being part of THIS ongoing conversation here.

We praise you for effective preparations towards re-engaging the neighbourhood through Coffee and Kingdom Conversations and we are grateful for the gift from our Helensburgh partners and the training they have provided. Guide us Lord as we step this up in the coming week or two.


Father, we pray that today’s Christmas Lunch will be a great blessing and encouragement to all who partake.

We ask your favour and increase for our brothers and sisters in Churches across our region as each one responds to what God is revealing to THEM during this challenging season. This week we are praying for all the churches in our area who are negotiating their mission work primarily on line for now and those who are working hard to re-open. We also ONCE AGAIN ask your blessing upon our brothers and sisters connected to the Baptist Association Churches in our area. We pray that the Holy Spirit continues to lead these Saints and we ask Your exceeding abundant blessing on the Ministers, Noel and Lynne Wraight (Shellharbour), Rod Bailey (Wollongong and trying to plant in Calderwood), Gordon Barr (Port Kembla) Michael Bate (Woonona), Brad Blacker (Helensburgh) and we particularly lift before you Grant Wilson (Kiama) who was airlifted to ICU RNS Sydney after a push bike accident recently and is now engaged in rehab in the spinal unit at Prince of Wales Hospital. Grant needs our prayers for complete recovery as he faces some serious issues. We pray for Kate and his family for peace and comfort at this time. We pray for all our siblings in Christ serving the association here, for their teams and all their families, and of course all the good people connected to these assemblies; particularly as we continue to work towards what a kingdom journey together might look like.