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23rd July 2021

Good Friday Evening Everyone!

We hope and pray that you are all doing well, given all that’s been happening? We continue to pray for you and yours as you negotiate these confusing and challenging times. Please don’t hesitate to use the secretary email etc. to let us know of any prayer needs, particularly as the stay-at-home orders from NSW Health remain in place until at least the 30th July. The case locations have also been increased. You can check the NSW Case locations and advice here

Here is the plan AT THIS STAGE for THIS Sunday.


As we have been doing so far, we will pre-record a ‘stay-at-home gathering’, as ‘uncut’ as is authentically possible, which will be posted up onto our YouTube Channel for a 10am start ON SUNDAY MORNING and the link to the broadcast will appear on our Facebook page prior to 10am as it would normally each week for viewing from 10am and ANYTIME thereafter via the YOUTUBE LINK on the FB page.

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE, TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL  (THANKS TO THE MANY OF US WHO NOW HAVE). Those who are already subscribed will probably get a notification about Sunday morning’s broadcast once it is scheduled. Thanks church family. Let’s just keep being responsible in our community space and be seen to be responsible as representations of Jesus’ TRUTH and LIGHT.


SETTING UP FOR CONSISTENT ONLINE INTERACTION AND EQUIPPING Graeme is currently recording brief YouTube videos of the H.O.P.E. Project devotions, to be posted up on the church’s YouTube channel SOON, as a first step towards using the channel for a growing library of teaching resources that will fuel our mission effort. It is hoped that this will increase access to the biblical underpinning of the mission God has called us into through simple audio and visual inputs that can be used as discussion starters and a prayer focus for your household, and for you and work mates if you are still able to attend workplaces, and or other spheres of your involvement as they open up after the current stay at home orders are concluded.

Graeme has also opened a ZOOM account and guidelines as to how to engage with him for equipping / training opportunities as we adapt all we need to so we can keep up the momentum of this season, will be forthcoming. He will do some training and fine tuning of ZOOM skills with Mindy and others over the next week or so and we’ll update you with details as resources become available.

One of our Associate Ministers, Jono Hyratt, is also posting brief weekly devotions up onto The Sanctuary Facebook page as they prepare for engaging with their target harvest field in and through the Southern Illawarra. You can find the Monday devotions here

PRAYER & PROPHETIC EVENT UPDATE – ‘THE SANCTUARY’ Stay tuned across our various communication channels for updates to the times and dates for ‘The Sanctuary’ launch event ‘Prayer and Prophetic’ from Jono and Nicky

FOOD FOR LIFE REQUEST FOR EXTRA HELP The food hamper pick-up / provision service that we are committed to serving is regarded as an essential service. Due to the increased demand for hampers during the ‘stay – at – home’ season, Murray has asked if ANYONE who can stand for a while and do routine tasks as part of a team WHILST WEARING A MASK, might be able to give some time to help packing fruit and veg boxes at the 6 Sylvester Avenue Unanderra warehouse, on Mondays each week for a few hours from 12midday AND some other days during the week as well. Give Murray a call if you’d like to help, whether one time or regularly!  His number is 0409 020 686. (see our Facebook page for a recent post about hamper pick up and how you can access this service)

WEEKLY PASTORAL PRAYER UPDATE Only those prayer needs that are able to be shared are listed here … we’ve left some of the extended prayer points up that Graeme harvested from the wider network last week (and adjusted where necessary) just to give everyone who hasn’t caught up, a chance to do so.

NB: We Update our Prayer Points (non-pastoral) specifically focus on the strategic aspects of our mission work weekly (usually by lunch time each Monday), and you can view the latest update here.

  • Firstly, we are THANKFUL for all the answered prayers that often go unnoticed. Thank you, Lord, for Your faithfulness.
  • Secondly, each and EVERY week we pray for each other and our brothers and sisters representing the region’s body of Christ as Jesus prayed 15 My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. We know this is a season when we will need to be combat ready and so we pray for each other that we would stand firm in the victory Christ won for us.
  • Thirdly each week we pray for the New Season of Mission Effort – we pray for the continued outworking of the commissioning as your servants work out with you, each calling, metron and scope of mission during this extended set up season due to COVID. 
  • Programming Challenges – we pray for all our local missionaries (new team members). People like Reuben, Ana and Emma, David and Andrew, who are trying to pre-prayer ways to engage with the harvest fields they are called to. Pray for discernment in the Spirit and wisdom from heaven about more excellent ways to engage souls in times where ‘normal’ pathways seem blocked to varying degrees.
  • Work Place Restrictions – we are praying for our families who have extended families experiencing challenges associated with not being able to go to work during these stay at home public health orders. We pray for peace and confidence in God’s sovereignty and provision during this down time.
  • Jacki’s grandson Jahmiel – we pray with Jacki and her family for complete healing for her recently born grandson Jahmiel. He has been in an ICU in Finland. We praise the Lord that the last report indicates Jahmiel is feeding well and his general health is improving. Doctors were still a bit cautious about sending him home but this may have happened in the interim. We continue to seek God’s care and protection for this brave little man and his family.
  • Jono & Nicky – We continue to pray for wisdom and discernment as Jono and Nicky prepare for the new work in the south known as ‘The Sanctuary’, particularly as they re-think dates and times for the Prayer and Prophetic Event. We pray for strength and health for them and their whole family and in particular we are continuing to pray for Jono’s son Jacob as he works through some significant challenges, for the mental health care system to be engaged and provide wise counsel and for Jake’s mum Renee who is in need of our prayer support.
  • John & Margaret – We have been in contact with the Podmore’s. They are hunkered down in Lucinda (near Hinchinbrook Island mid way between Cairns and Townsville). John was hospitalized for 3 days for a recurring back problem but is doing much better now. They just need to stay put a week or three longer as a result. We pray for John’s back to continue to improve and that he and Margaret continue to enjoy a re-energizing, safe and healthy time away.
  • Murray & Julie Harris and the Food for Life Community Care team – we are privileged to serve the church and community through food hamper distribution each and every Thursday morning. Please pray particularly for the increased hamper preparation work during the ‘stay – at – home’ weeks AND for their supplies to stretch accordingly. F4L is considered an essential service. We ask God’s guiding and merciful hand through all the decision making, stock levels and for the teams at each delivery point – including our very own team on Thursday mornings. (see above news report for more prayer points for Food For Life CC)
  • Scripture Teachers – we pray for our teachers Clara, Dal and Leanne (also chaplain CHS), for Nathan who is the Field Development Manager for the area, for all the support staff and volunteers engaged with us through Generate Ministries, for the School Communities and of course for our Board of member churches being led by Graeme, as we work through all the changing nuances that impact every aspect of this mission work – particularly as we have just begun Term 3 and Graeme has had to coordinate the effort to ensure support and ongoing adjusted payment for the teachers who currently can’t be in the schools. Pray for wisdom, discernment, boldness, endurance and courage, receptivity to the Holy Spirit’s lead and that souls will be exposed to the grace, favour and mercy of Father God.
  • Karen’s Previous Mentor, Boss and Friend Sue – whom we prayed for last year when we discovered her grave health prognosis. Praise to the Lord as we report to you that recent scans show 90% of what were considered stage 4 tumours are gone and the rest are dissipating. Sue is incredibly well and wants to thank us for our part in faithfully praying for her healing.
  • Angilley’s – Zarah has been unwell but has now fully recovered. Caleb has secured work at Uni of Qld til the end of 2021 and Baby Stellah is growing too fast. We faithfully pray for this family that God so wonderfully and graciously has given us relationship with through this last couple of years.
  • Julie Bell – our extended family member who is the step-mum of Rob and Sharon’s son-in-law. Has had a few weeks of health and medication challenges starting to sort out now but still feeling the impact from a recent concussion. We pray into these things for Julie and she passes on her love, prayers and hopes for us here at CCC.
  • Mark Beaton – one of our ministry partners at Corrimal Regional UC, married to Lou, cousin of Julie, Donna and Sandi is having some health issues and asks us to pray – with an important (but not dangerous) exploratory procedure scheduled for Friday 30 July – this coming week! Please pray.
  • Other Prayers – Of course, we continue to pray for our church family who have needed prayer support over recent months; Dot, Harry, Joy, Elsie, Ken, Beverly and Christian (who is smack in the middle of Sydney), Josie, Linda, Kylie, Nicky, Dragan, June, Heather and Mick (who is at the front line health response in SW Sydney), Judy, Betro and Soyoung and others of our family who are in need of a touch from heaven AND we of course pray for safe journeys and refreshing times for those of our family whom we know are still traveling at present, recently returned or are just about to venture off.
  • Please keep praying for all of the wonderful people connected with our church family as we stand together during this new season of the battle for souls. We thank God for His encouragement, His healing touch and His mercy, grace and protection.Of course if you have any thing you feel confident to ask us to SHARE in prayer for, please call, send a text or email Gary on 0412 461 837 or or and he will faithfully engage our network of pray-ers.

Love & blessings
On behalf of the Team

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