November 2021 at CCC Hub

This month we explore the sometimes tricky topic of forgiveness.

  • What does forgiveness mean to you?
  • Have you ever faced deciding to forgive, or not?
  • Have you tried to forgive, but failed?
  • What does God say about forgiveness?

Friday 3rd December 2021

So …. we will wrap this up for now by adding the ‘transcript’ of Graeme Hush’s final WEEK 4 (November 28th) as he started form the position of the Father in Luke’s chapter 15 record of the Lost Son parable. We hope you have both enjoyed and been challenged by the November journey we’ve shared. God bless you as you engage the Christmas / New Year season. We pray for you and your loved ones to experience a joyous, Christ-filled Christmas and a healthy, safe and re-energizing start to 2022. For now, here’s Graeme’s sermon transcript ….

Transcript of Graeme’s Sermon – Week FOUR

Friday 26th November 2021

Here is a copy of the general note outline for David McLean and Graeme Hush’s diabolical ….. sorry, dialogical or conversation sermon from WEEK 3 (November 21st) as they worked around issues of justice and fairness as discussed by Jesus in the parable (Luke 15: 25-32), when highlighting the Older Brother’s response to how his Father had welcomed the younger son home.

‘David and Graeme’s Notes – Week THREE

Monday 22nd November 2021

Terrific gathering yesterday (Sunday 21st). General notes from the message focus on the Prodigal’s older brother and issues of justice and fairness, delivered by David McLean and Graeme Hush will be uploaded to this page shortly.

Meanwhile, a number of people have asked for the lyrics of the song The Elastic Band put together and performed during the meeting; ‘A Love that’s True’. So …… here they are

‘A Love that’s True’ – Lyrics

Wednesday 17th November 2021

As promised, here is a copy of Julie Padwick’s ‘general’ notes from her WEEK 2 (November 14th) message in our series. She developed some reflections about forgiveness, starting with the Prodigal Son himself in Luke 15:11-24.

Julie’s Notes – Week TWO

Monday 15th November 2021

We have now shared in TWO weeks of our month of messages dealing with the theme, ‘Outrageous Forgiveness’ and musical items and testimonies / interviews related to the theme in the context of each week’s message. We’ll upload Julie Padwick’s notes from yesterday’s message (14th) as soon as we can but MEANWHILE, here is a copy of David McLean’s extended notes from his Introduction Sermon on November 7th. Just click on the link and read at your leisure.

David’s Notes – Week ONE

Saturday 6th November 2021

Well … it’s November! From this Sunday (7th) we will reflect together on the Power of Outrageous Forgiveness. This is such a major issue for all of us. It effects our energies, our ability to function, our sense of purpose and self worth, our relationships and emotional well-being …. even our health. We aren’t pretending we’ll be able to deal with all the nuances BUT we will have a good crack. Join us AT the Hub if you are in the vicinity and interested.

We are working hard to make each meeting a quality presentation – interactive to whatever level you might be comfortable with. THIS WEEK we are still under maximum attendance protocols so please PM us on this page if you’d really like to attend. From the 14th that limit changes significantly and there should be some room.

IF you’d like to check in and have a squizz at what we are up to, the link to each week’s live stream will appear on this page, in time for the Sunday 10am kick off OR you could simply subscribe for free to our YouTube HOPE Project Channel in the margin to the right of THIS or ANY page inside our website.

Whether you are in the room or online, opportunity will be afforded to anyone who would like to privately connect to talk about anything or for you to receive prayer if desired. HERE ARE THE TWO SIMPLE WAYS TO ENGAGE FOR FOLLOW UP ……

  • There will be ‘Prayer – Connect’ cards you can fill in if you are AT THE HUB for a meeting. These will be collected by ONE appointed pastor and kept confidential by the ministry team UNLESS you ask for public prayer.
  • IF YOU ARE ENGAGING ONLINE – Just send a text to 0439 137 780 during the live-stream (I’d like prayer or I have a question or I’d like to talk with someone) and our appointed online host will contact you to respond appropriately to your request OR let you know they have passed your request onto one of the CCC Ministry Team for follow up ASAP. If you have our website open when you want to make your request, go to the site menu and click on ‘Contact Us’ and we’ll respond as we are able.