Disclaimer: Please understand that due to the public accessibility to this diary page, it does not include prayer points about people’s personal needs (e.g. physical, emotional, spiritual). THIS weekly prayer ONLY lists prayer points which specifically pertain to a need related to the outworking of The H.O.P.E .Project. Persons who’s name appears here are in some way relevant to the project needing prayer. Thank you!

Week Commencing Monday 26th October, 2020

The week’s prayer points are spread across days of the week so that there are opportunities to pray for specific needs each day … some needs will coincide with the days on which they are listed. Please pray as the Spirit leads and reveals things to you.

UNITE 714 We are registered members of the Global Prayer Movement, particularly designed to focus on the world health crisis that COVID-19 presents. The idea behind this is to unite as much faith across the world as is possible in the frame of 2 Chronicles 7:14 which says:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

We encourage you to pray the weekly prayer in the link below weekly at 7.14am and or at 7.14pm each day. God bless you as you pray with people from across 180 nations. Click on the download link below to open the PDF.


We thank you Lord Jesus for helping us navigate our weekly face-to-face gatherings alongside our continued broadcast of worship and the preached word and ask that your gospel truth continue to be planted and grow as you sovereignly determine. We thank you that we are able to be engaged by so many in this way of communicating with the community and praise you for the answered prayer about resources, gifts and knowledge to be able to gather your harvest in accord with the plan you have revealed to us these past few years. We ask that You bless the new people who have been journeying with us lately.

Father, we ask for our scripture teachers and chaplains as we continue to serve our partnership with the Northern Illawarra Combined Churches Scripture Board, to support this work in our three High Schools, the school communities and of course the families of all students and teachers affected. Give us wisdom as we work alongside Leanne, Dal and Clara whilst they negotiate their way forward with their respective schools and for a miraculous provision of resources. Thanks for the great testimonies to God’s mercy and transforming power that we’ve been engaging lately. Give our teachers and their school communities an energizing start to term 4, clarity about the way forward for the rest of this year and a reasonable view of 2021. We pray particularly for Clara and Bulli HS this week and for the October Board Meeting tonight with Graeme in the Chair.


Lord, we pray for all the needs that we became aware of in response to our Sunday gathering and via the prayer-care engagement during the week. Lord, please bring healing, comfort and strength to all those we know across our community who are struggling with health, finance, relationships and or other emotional or spiritual issues.

We pray for Beverley as she facilitates the Tuesday Bible Study this afternoon and for the smooth and uneventful removal of the theatre seats from the Hub

We thank you Lord for the final stage of negotiations between Graeme and an online bible college towards re-framing our HOPE College efforts for Term 4. Please guide these interactions so we gain an excellent equipping option for training our every day, backyard missionaries, particularly for this 20 week season to February 2021.


Lord, today we ask that as the administration team reflects on management of our current and emerging situation, that you will inspire us with ways we can continue to be the calm in this storm; to help the vulnerable where possible. We are so thankful Lord for all who partner with us to pursue this mission and pray for Your continued increase and blessing on ‘giving’ and for wisdom to allocate those funds in appropriate and life transforming ways.

Father we thank you for the growing close relationships we have with the groups that regularly utilize the Hub facilities. We praise you for the Illawarra Quilters, the Sewing Guild, the Towradgi Craft Group and various music groups, that they might experience more of heaven as we share our space with them and serve them.

We pray also for the new Women’s bible discussion group that is meeting with Julie and Donna Wednesdays fortnightly.


Lord Jesus, today we give thanks for the gradual and successful return of gatherings in all of our facilities – at the Hub and beyond. We pray that all our connections will be blessed and encouraged through this process. Heavenly Father, we thank you for opening the door for us to serve the community with our Food for Life Community Care partners once again, providing an effective, accessible and affordable grocery service for our neighbourhood. Lord bless the team as it engages the new Hamper process in the Car Park at the North Dalton AFL Ground just up the road from the Hub.

We also ask that you help us to use what we have learnt as a launching pad for the next phase of mission and not default to things that have prevented the advance of Your kingdom gospel. Lord, develop a clarity in us towards your purposes and in particular as the team uses all the tech at our disposal to develop ways of engaging and equipping, those previously inaccessible to us.


We pray today Lord for all people dealing with anxiety or depression brought on by enforced isolation and or loss of employment/income. We praise you for the comfort and encouragement that online message broadcasts have and will bring people – thank you for the part we can play in this – and we ask that during this time, our families, friends and neighbourhood/community connections will re-think their relationship with the God of heaven and earth and re-establish a desire to dwell in the revelation Christ brought.

Lord, we are seeking Your input as we prepare for our community impact Christmas events.


Lord, we give you praise and thanks that there are a growing number of people who live elsewhere, who for isolation or other relational reasons call our church home. We pray that even though flung across many locations that we will work hard to operate as ONE for YOUR purposes. Help us with wisdom and provision to care for everyone you give us responsibility for as is possible in YOUR name.

Lord, we also pray each Saturday for a continued sharpening of the revelation regarding this ‘Season for Gathering the Harvest’. This is our journey IN Christ whatever is going on around us in the world. Please continue to apostolically and prophetically align us with the kingdom of heaven as it works ON earth and strengthen our ministry team to pursue with passion, the work in targeted spheres as you make us aware of them and the needs thereof. We have been and continue praying for Jono & Nicky and the Full Throttle Ministries mission outpost and all that they are engaging; particularly the battle they are currently in, the tough personal circumstances that they are negotiating and the exciting opportunities that are opening up. We continue to pray for growing engagement with the NEW Album ‘Better Now’ as a tool for kingdom advancement and mission development and for the funds that will continue to be consistently raised for our THREE special children in need. We praise you for effective preparations towards re-engaging the neighbourhood through Coffee and Kingdom Conversations and we are grateful for the gift from our Helensburgh partners and the training they have provided.

We pray for favour for the courtesy letter which will hit our neighbourhood letter boxes this week. For their positive response to the confirmed Carols event on December 13th, that a few might like to join us for our Christmas lunch on December 6th and for engagement with Kids and teenagers/young adults as we seek to launch ‘Y-CARE Next’, the Youth HOPE Taskforce and YLD@HOPE over the next couple of months.


We ask your favour and increase for our brothers and sisters in Churches across our region as each one responds to what God is revealing to THEM during this challenging season. This week we are praying particularly for our mates Gordon and Helen Barr and the team at Port Kembla Baptist Church as they prepare to return to face to face meeting TODAY November 1st and Mark and Lou Beaton, Lachie Dewsbury and the Team at Corrimal Uniting Church as they returned to face to face AND live streaming last Sunday.

We pray that the Holy Spirit continues to lead these Saints and we ask Your exceeding abundant blessing on these wonderful people and their families, particularly as we continue to work towards what a kingdom journey together might look like.